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Scienze Sociali Human Flourishing


Titolo Human Flourishing
Sottotitolo Reflections from Catholic Tradition in Central Europe
Autore Samuel Trizuljak and others
Editore Angelicum University Press
Dimensione 572 KB
Anno 2022
ISBN 9788899616519
Estensione File ePub
The Catholic Social Teaching (CST) Rome Exchange: Advanced Training Experience (CREATE) is the new initiative of the Faculty of Social Science (FASS) at the Pontifical University Saint Thomas Aquinas – Angelicum in Rome. Currently focused on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), it provides ways for students and experts in Catholic social teaching (CST) to access resources and training in Rome, so as to develop their knowledge and their capability in using CST for resolving problems faced in their local reality.


  • Contributors
  • Marian Kuna: Preface
  • Samuel Trizuljak: National Identity and Catholics
    • The Myth of Two Totalities
    • A Myth in Crisis
    • Towards New Myths
  • Ján Tomaštiík: Moral Ecology and Politics
  • Mateusz M. Guzikowski and Patrycja Guzikowska: Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and the Problem of Low Fertility
    • The problem of low fertility
    • Fertility in Catholic Social Teaching (CST)
    • Fertility in the pandemic
    • Rebuilding social ties and family after the pandemic
    • References

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